Zedign Art Products

Request a Product-Ready Image (For posters, items, clothing, bags etc)

Note: You are only requesting an image from a Zedign Art Series monograph to be made available from our book image library — for a particular product (e.g poster, t-shirt, etc.) You will not pay anything until you actually purchase that product from Our Zazzle Store.

Requesting an image in 3 simple steps

  1. Visit an artist's monograph webpage at
  2. Browse through the eBook or Video, then note down the Page number & title of your desired image
    • E.g., Page 5, Pair of Shoes Paris 1887
  3. Return here to this page, click the "Open Image Request Form" button shown below —— and submit your noted page number and title. That's all!

Once the product is ready, you will see it on top at Our Zazzle Store), and if you're satisfied, either order it — Or — request another image, without obligation. Do it again until you get the right one!